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Take Action for Justice in Guatemala

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The recent School of Americas Watch delegation to Guatemala heard testimony of increasing militarization in the country, as well as the criminalization of human rights defenders.  We were able to visit the detention center in Huehuetenango and meet with 3 activists (Mynor Lopez, Rogelio Velasquez, and Saul Mendez) who are currently imprisoned due to their opposition to the construction of a transnational-owned dam in their community.

School of Americas Watch, Barillas, Guatemala, political prisoners, Cambalam dam,

Saul Mendez and Rogelio Velasquez with Fr. Roy Bourgeois of SOA Watch. Photo Credit: J Mulherin.

For more on the struggle for land and water rights in Barillas, Huehuetenango, read this article, by Ken Jones, an activist with School of the Americas Watch.

SOA Watch has set up the following online Urgent Action calling on U.S. and Guatemalan authorities to act on the above issues.  Please  click on the link below to be directed to the Urgent Action site.


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