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"Rigoberta Menchú" - Oswaldo Guayasamín. Oil on canvas. 1996.

“Rigoberta Menchú” – Oswaldo Guayasamín. Oil on canvas. 1996.

Welcome to the “Justice and Solidarity” blog.  This is an effort to provide news and analysis on U.S. policy and Central America as I prepare to participate in a solidarity delegation to Guatemala with School of the Americas Watch in February 2014.  Although I plan to eventually post on Honduras, where the human rights situation is currently in a critical state, my focus for now is on Guatemala.  The U.S. has a long and brutal history of involvement in Guatemala, including exploitation of land and resources by the United Fruit Company, the CIA-sponsored coup in 1954, and years of political, financial and military support of numerous violent and repressive dictatorships.

Sadly, the end of the Cold War has not resulted in a more just or equitable foreign policy on the part of the United States towards Guatemala.  The need continues for continued solidarity with Guatemalan civil society and social justice groups.  As do all people everywhere, Guatemalans have the right to dignity and self-determination.  I hope that my small acts of solidarity, as well as efforts to hold my own government accountable, will help contribute to that end.


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